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Serenity Creek Dental Care offers dental extraction services—a solution for your dental concerns with the utmost professionalism and care. Are you suffering from severe tooth decay or unbearable tooth pain? Our experienced dentist, Dr. Kelly,  is here to provide high-quality dental extractions that will address your concerns effectively and efficiently.

What is a Dental Extraction?

A dental extraction, also known as tooth extraction, is a general dental procedure in which a tooth is removed from its socket in the jawbone. It is typically performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon. Extractions are commonly done for various reasons, including severe tooth decay, impacted teeth, orthodontic reasons, periodontal disease, and fractured or broken teeth. 

Why Would You Need To Have a Tooth Pulled?

If your tooth is broken at the gum line, extraction is likely the best course of treatment. In addition, if the tooth is severely infected, there is too much decay within the tooth, the tooth is loose, or there is significant periodontal disease (gum disease), an extraction may be needed. Some ways to prevent the need for dental extractions are good oral hygiene (brushing two times daily, flossing daily), routine visits to your dentist (two times per year), and low sugar intake.

Is a Tooth Extraction Painful?

The tooth extraction procedure is not painful because we use local anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. You will feel pressure during the procedure but should not feel pain. Serenity Creek Dental Care also offers nitrous oxide to help with anxiety. We will do everything we can to make sure you are comfortable and will answer any questions you have!

Post-operative pain is managed with different medications (pain medication and/or anti-inflammatory medication), ice packs, a syringe to keep the socket clean of food particles, and instructions on avoiding smoking, using a straw, or spitting forcefully for 48 to 72 hours after the extraction. 

Recovery From A Dental Extraction

The recovery time for a tooth extraction varies from patient to patient. While some patients can return to work the next day, others may require one to three days of recovery after the procedure. How long it takes to recover depends on the complexity of the procedure or the complexity of the patient’s medical history. It’s advised that, following the procedure, patients avoid any heavy lifting for about 48 to 72 hours to minimize the risk of a condition called dry socket (a condition that can occur when the blood clot that forms in the extraction site dislodges or dissolves prematurely, causing severe pain and delaying the healing process). If your job involves heavy lifting, you may want to plan for two days off of work following the procedure.

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What Are the Side Effects of Removing a Tooth?

If a tooth is removed, it is important to discuss with your dentist the options for replacing it, like a dental implant, a bridge, or a removable partial denture. If the tooth is removed but not replaced, the surrounding teeth can shift into the space and cause issues with your bite. Over time, you can also lose the bone where the tooth used to be, limiting replacement options in the future. If you need a tooth extracted, we will discuss your replacement options and determine your best course of action. 

Is There an Alternative to Tooth Extraction?

Dentists strive to preserve natural teeth whenever possible. Tooth extraction is typically considered a last resort when other dental treatments are not feasible or effective. Sometimes, a root canal and crown can be done to save a tooth rather than having it extracted. It’s important to consult your dentist, who can assess your specific dental condition and recommend the most suitable treatment options. However, leaving a dead tooth in your mouth is not usually recommended. Dead teeth can be a source of infection and can become abscessed. 

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At Serenity Creek Dental Care, we make every effort to ensure your experience is pleasant and comfortable. Most importantly, we provide you with the care you need—when you need it. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment for an extraction. Call our Noblesville, IN, dental office today!